Fantasy rock musical, music and lyrics by Milen Vrabevski. A collection of dynamic classic rock and ballad pieces, sending a positive message to the young people and to all fans of melodic rock:
• The power of mind is dangerous to the darkness!
• Positive thinking can shape your reality!
• I think – therefore I exist, I think positively – therefore I live!
Director: Boris Pankin
Musical Director: Evgeny Gospodinov
Choreography: Mila Iskrenova
Scenography and multimedia: Ekaterina Hristova
Costumes: Peter Mitev
Starring: Marianne Bachev, Zheni Aleksandrova, Zhanet Ivanova and Nikolay Dogramadzhiev.

Тhe musical features  the hit-song “Sineva” – lyrics by Pavel Matev,  music by Prof. Alexandar Yosifov.