Lyrics – live concert

Author of the music and lyrics: Milen Vrabevski, MD

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Now enjoy the lyrics and sing along 🙂


  1. Looking For The Feeling


Collecting sunshine right from the mirror,

And through the midst of time what to find?

So tying up the rhyme I go with her

Do I need to make up my mind…?


Expected life’s surprise tests your spirit,

And throws the safety line to your side (onto your side)

So turning back in time means you fear it?

You end up pale without sayin’ goodbye (not saying goodbye)


Free calling it, free calling it freedom,

It’s time to take life in your hands (guiding light, doing

right, feels alright) Steep rolling hills, life as it seems – feel them,

Pits, swamps and all floating sands


Looking for the feeling, looking for the goal

Will there be a second reading, what would be the score?


And you sing the song I know.

Through nuances of the rainbow

They would say the rain must fall,

You walk on by the open window…


In through the end of time see your mirror.

Reflecting life intensely refined…



  1. Every Morning


Late in the night it may go through me

Late in the night would be right

And I am back in the light gloomy

A world of predictable sight


Gotta keep away from time

And I do it every morning

By erasing all the sadness of my mind.

And I do believe that’s life

All the memories I’m storing

Leave no trace of wasted moments or of strife


Through calamities out-braving

I’m chasing what I dare define as right

And I’m happy celebrating

Victories I’m winning with my might.


Late in the night I am back to me

Sensing it all by the sight

Things settling right in my mind to see

There’s no retreat in this fight


I won’t get no sleep, it’s a moment away

The time when I’ll be running wild

And since I’ve begun to believe in a way

The trust and faith of a child


  1. A Kind of Real Life


It’s a kind of real life, placing me close to you

Where all puzzles are gone, and to live is the thing to do

We took them all / All chances now / Reality is what we do allow

To finally scroll / old pages down / inventing luck, as only we know how


Listen, I’ll be staying alive. Well, I just can’t help it!

The future may not lead you to strife / Stick around, you make it.


It’s a kind of real life, as simple as modest plans

How to open your mind to unrestricted spans

Eternity, in it we see / a kind of presence through efficiency

For those who care / no deal, no share / we value rhythms from inside us there


If it seems your efforts are in vain / well, see it through (in a minute) /

Nothing’s meant to last / nothing you can do

Tools of limitation won’t reveal the boundless (as you feel it)

Love is your success, and the answer’s yes


It’s a kind of real life / you’ve imagined you’ve lived so long

Where a goal takes your time / and your purpose just can’t be wrong



  1. Slipping Away

I’ve been looking for that fever

And keep looking for that sight

Discovering the same old feeling

Ready for the fight

Anyway, anyhow, you can find the wisemen’s wrinkles

Through the years, turn around, living through this energy for you

Slipping away isn’t my own way

Logical terms won’t be true

And I’m raising my head through the darkness –

The awareness in all that I do


You can call out in the morning

And you step inside the fire

There’s no doubt, no forewarning

Through the power of desire

Saying ”I feel” would mean that I’ve been dreaming

Love is by my side

And then it’s real, it seems through boldness streaming

Comes inspiration, right!


  1. No One Falls Behind


Love comes shining wherever you go

We run together no one falls behind

We keep on shining in the stream of mind

And the winner grows from a base that shows

Self-possession through the heat and walls


We run together we can’t fall behind

Another tempting thesis of my mind


And you share the score, what I would explore

And the final call comes for us all.


So I went through suffering, and what I truly did was real

Making sure to balance every deal.

Often I went shivering, but sense would always reappear

I provide a core to make it clear.


Love comes shining wherever you go, love comes shining on me

Through the years of conventional roles, radiate what you feel… is real.


  1. Life Lingers


I’m by the seaside, to see you all

That’s what I feel like, I keep on holding on.

And there’s no difference, it feels the same…

I’d never leave you, so I’m back again.


So I just got back to see you all

And after so long, you’re close enough to hold…

So there we sat back, to waste some time

Yeah, you’re deep inside this soul of mine


Here I expect life to linger

Through this moment time lives on

Yes, it can slip through my fingers

But it won’t really be gone…


Within this magic of mind and soul

We find our own truth, we’re living through it all

It’s time for passion, unshaken faith

Self-realization is no haunting wraith.


Living far away, I am longing to stay

‘Though it’s a long gone time, I still do pray

Being away, I don’t know what to say

When a tear rolls down to catch sun rays


  1. Love


Time stands still, aware I’m just playing fair

Life’s been listing lessons learned so long I’ve found.

Still I wouldn’t care to stream my power there

It appears I am the one who shouts out loud…


A little bit of love, I’m only dreaming,

A little bit of love, but I may learn to fly.

Interpreting in words my feelings,

The joy of life comes by and by.


You and I were there, maybe unaware.

We must find solutions for what we despise.

You and I would dare to pretend we care,

A better chance for scaling up what’s in our eyes.


Day and night, one might be reeling

Where to turn so not to fail

Lonely roads do have a meaning

They guarantee you leave a trail. So go!, I say…


  1. Letting Me In


I’m gonna take it, hold sway over the past

I’m gonna make it, through finding ways to last

And now’s the time to find one, my own road

I search, I don’t let go… And I try, and I try, and I try

Sometimes I wait too long, but it won’t matter

And ‘though I get no sleep I sit here waiting (through my whole life).


Running away, aiming to play/ there in the stardust

I’m on my way, ready to pay, making it just…


I’m gonna face it / My Inner Me’s true cure

I’m gonna trace it, make sure I will endure

And now’s the time to find one, my own road

I search, I don’t let go… And I try, and I try, and I try


Somewhere deep inside / my world is turning

My thoughts, intentions, every step, it keeps running (my reality)


You let me chase away/ All of the struggle/

And you’d finally stay/quite adored /

It’s so easy, give way/no need to juggle/

It is a brand-new day/Get on board


  1. Every Time


Looking for the thrill of your own moment

Looking for a place beneath the sun…

Analyzing life… You don’t need to comment

Got to make it, there’s nowhere to run

So you stay although all the things that matter

Seem to flow and go, and I hear you say:


Every time I try to find a way


And it’s getting closer, soon I’m to find

Day by day I’m wiser and I stay

There in your mind. One of a kind.


To believe will crystalize your senses.

Does it make it easy to let go?

The guidance bursts within, far beyond defenses

It’s a feeling deep inside, you know…

Though it takes so long, emphasize emotion.

Fuse your mind and soul. The inner you’s your goal:

And you see the sun in everyone

What you answer is a call to me

Stop and feel the fun of being the one

Hopes can’t be intention-free


Yes, the only one, the one and only thinker

Of your world. You won. Get up, catch up, run!


  1. Rising


The temperature’s rising you say/

I can’t stand it/ it makes me go insane. /

Their skepticism’s winning the day/

If they find out / that I still think this way/…

I was under their sway/ I felt like slipping away/ I can’t stand their grip today…


Have you tried / if it feels right / slipping out of what you’re stuck in? /

So, you might / be ascending, right? / Running far to stop the sentiment/….


The wind-field’s my way /

So I keep sailing to the end of time/

I’m beginning now to set the simple rhythm/ never to forget the rhyme…/

Though I’m down again/ against the storm, I gain/

Wisdom and control/ no wind could blow around /

Start to groan again, / fail to see a friend/

I’ve been wearing wings/ no sun’d be melting down… At last!


Soaring right against the stormy weather/

I will not fail to meet the sun./

When I see it, I will start to shiver/

My rise has just begun…


*Br/ If I’m sailing on/If I’m movin’ on/

I’m reaching my own heights…/

I move along, I want to get your fever (understand?).

I move along (that’s right), I ought to stand upright day and night.


So, I say / there’s no way / the heat is here to stay /

I would have gone that far/ rising high.



  1. Things in Your Mind


How will I know/ if I count on the given? /

And would I dare to be driven? /

How would it show/ if I look for an answer/

That only leads to the chancers, /

While there’s no sign/ of the actual meaning/

Bringing me back/ to that feeling…?

Things in your mind/ I do admire/

Come from the heart, / an instant shine. /

Internal flames of love / are meant to bring the fire /

To sweep away the whole of judgment’s shrine/.


How would it go / if I got the whole essence? /

Life made me learn all the lessons… /

A moment of awe / would reveal any secret /

It’s telling me more, / so I fix it…

Tuning me in / to eternal illusion

You’re magic yourself, / /no confusion.


 Love, and good health, / happiness, and all wealth /

It’s not just an end in itself, /

They’re all a result you won’t put on the shelf… /

Are your life goals in tune with yourself?


  1. We Keep on Running


An overflow of sick emotions?

Tell me it’s not your own choice…

Would it paralyze your motion…, tell me

If you hear your inner voice?

Can you understand its meaning? Does it clear up your mind? Would it make you stay aware? You can now. A piece of mind is what you’d find…

It’s time now, you feel it/ It defines what is right? It’s the moment that you’re in it, dreaming, it stacks the deck just on your side.


 Welcome / to this real thing / to extract what’s hidden in your soul backlog Why d’you keep on locking up, can we just talk? While we keep on running / through the blaze of rock…?

You’re kind of scared, you jumped and ran To prove the essence of staying a man You shed no tear, forget the past So, make your next stride, then stop at last.

You ignore your own importance

On your way to setting free

Every thought becomes a cause then

All conditions – an effect to see.

Br/ All ‘ifs’- deleted, unconditioned in love.

Let out your fears, reduce the limits.

The rest is sent down from above.


  1. Reflecting


Preamble/ Reflecting the tension/ I search for things that form tomorrow.

Every temptation, а premonition of some sorrow/

Bring back the struggle/ or risk that it doubles/

It’s worthwhile to look for the truth in your soul.

Lay down easy just to see the sky…

The beauty sets you free

The war is ending now, if you just find

А way beyond to see…


So you say it’s my own habit/ stirring up the storm inside (that’s right)/

I lay upon the sofa, feeling truly bound to find…/

What’s the truth behind it/ would it fit to skip the ride (so there’s no use to hide)/

To feeling kinda guilty, lonesome, stupid, smashed inside. (smashed inside I’m saying…)

Giving me the courage, searching through my troubled mind (I give myself the courage, tryin’ to soothe…)

Do I need the prophets, if I really have to find

All of the abundance deep within the inner me?

Hard to understand it, but what I believe I see.



I keep on sayin’/ I’m dreaming on/

And stand in reverence / conclusions drawn/

Accepting all / no oversights/

A foolproof reference for feeling right…/




  1. Run Away


I guess that call was really way too much

And the pain was fast to follow.

Yet, what followed brought the caring touch

Of the rays of a new tomorrow.


Yes, indeed! Without intention,

It’s a part of my redemption

Anyway, can’t wait to start to climb…


And I knew the time it was such a fever

Getting all that wild, wild, wild side of life. It was so fine.

Was it just a sign, flowing like a river to my soul and my own eyes

On my way to paradise…?


 Indeed, it made me run away too fast

I was just swept away by fire

The fame predicted by the wise to last

Evaporates through walls of wire…


 Yes, indeed my thoughts of fear

I can beat. They’ll disappear.

And you see, all through the love you’ll rhyme:


 And I knew the time it was such a fever

Getting all that wild, wild, wild side of life. It was so fine.

Was it just a sign, flowing like a river to my soul and my own eyes,

On my way to paradise…?


 Expecting the teacher I figure it out.

I speed down the highway without defenses

Willing to find how to linger and scout

To hear I am brought back… to my senses.


Yes, indeed. My sign and calling

Is to know, instead of groaning

And my wings will take me to brand-new skies…


  1. Don’t Let Them Win


So much more than I can give,

Can change the score, so it would matter.

Still I say, the way I live is worthwhile.


 I don’t give up, it’s how I live.

I run into the final option

To misconduct the plans, they’ve got for us…

And I do believe in me… (Knowing so little…)

Does it make me free? (Behind the bars)

So don’t tell me more…! Don’t sell me more of it!

I’m getting stronger in the background scene

They put me in…

I cherish my / reality,

I live for any moment ever –

The primacy of usefulness in me

And I learn / what is to be…

In spite what they have planned for me (yeah!).


And it’s all I feel inside, and it’s deep within what I do

And it’s more than I could ever get, or rush towards too.

Looking for the one… Looking for some answers…

As time moves on / the endless puzzle’s gone.

There you keep just holding on…


What I say is you just live

What you give will always matter…!


  1. The Final Act


She’s the one who shows this impressive care/

If you need her now/ she is always there/

And you’re not aware / what she’d dare… (oh, yeah!) …


She presumes what seems to be your affair/

She’s the guiding light / your entitled share/

She’s the Final Act/ and in fact/ it’s fair.


If you see this case/ as extremely rare/

You just fly so high/ as it‘s right there…Oh, yeah.


She won’t try to make anyone obey/

She will dominate/ the spiritual way

All of us are caught / yet for her / We’re a thought


This is how she makes / all our sins look just.

If it isn’t fun / she won’t make it last

What if you just fail? She’ll prevail on a grand scale


 If you’re in this phase / of extreme despair /

You are wasting time, / stay aware /

She’s there…


She’s the Final Act/ but in fact she’s always there/

Undisputed fact: she could reach you anywhere…


So I say… It’s my moment.


Then I knew / I might be reeling /

While creating the entire sight

So I came across that feeling

Which entangles what I knew was right


She’s to be / instead of doubting

She’s dedication, inspiration, fame

She lives now, at present, founding

What is basically your whole life’s frame.


She’s your gate to Fate!


  1. Light


And I’m looking up to find out again

What’s the vision through the prism of the pain?

Calling the light

Humbleness runs over

Raining tears would make no change

It makes a fool of me

Calling the bright side

    That I see…

Go inside, occupy your mind. It’s the real you.

Would you try? What you find inside? Would it do?

Rhythms from inside, soul craving, right. Same for me, too

It’s the core of life, the consoling strife that I knew.


What I smile at is the time passing by

Being aware of my thoughts and feelings –

A talent that I’d try


Trying to soothe my mind

I get no clue of what to find

And see no axis to go round.

Is it not clear?



  1. Yesterdays That Mattered


Yesterdays that mattered you see marked upon my face

Nerves that I have shattered leaving their distinct trace

There’s no going back… Can you get the rain to fall? (There’s no going back)

And I’m happy though, you won’t believe it, anywhere I go!


Gonna find what I most needed then

Gonna find what’s on my mind

And I see if I keep searching

There are always things to find.


Sentiment’s no set up. What you’ve lived through is more than true.

Through excitement speed up your own truth – it’s beauty, too.

There’s no race to win, it’s more like boldness, a fairytale. (There’s no running fast)

It’s all magic, go! Don’t stop the feeling! There’s no way to fail…


I can hear your wings, feels like you get to fly…

Sense the truth that it brings, and now take to the sky.