Intelligent Music Project IV – SORCERY INSIDE


Featuring Simon Phillips, John Payne, Joseph Williams, Carl Sentance and many more musicians in this all-star band

This album is dedicated to the searching mind.

The idea is learning to find your own source of magic, inside of you.
It is based on our ability to be human, first and foremost.

Themes from everyday life lead fans to the right conclusions about how to go about this.

SORCERY INSIDE is the fourth studio album from Intelligent Music and the third all-star line-up, creating a remarkable fusion through its author and producer’s musically erudite and unconventional style, combined with the full creative input of legendary musicians. The production features session aces Simon Phillips (drums and percussion), and the remarkable voices of Carl Sentance (Nazareth), Richard Grisman (River Hounds), John Payne (ex-Asia) and Joseph Williams (Toto), who bring their own flavor to all 12 equally outstanding pieces on the album.

Intelligent Music Project IV showcases the chemistry and the versatile style of all previous IMP projects (I-III): rich and layered, guitar-centric, melodic-progressive and AOR sound. The magic comes from the hands-on experience of top-notch experts who have teamed up with Milen Vrabevski MD, for quite some time already. They have gradually formed a brand worth listening to. Catchy tunes and dynamic riffs fuse flawlessly with the trademark vocals of Payne-Williams-Sentance-Grisman, while Phillips’ immaculate band leaves their mark on the record all the way through. Upon receiving another invitation and demo from Vrabevski, Simon Phillips formed an LA band to start recording (in the autumn of 2018) at Brotheryn Studio in California: Simon Phillips and Earnest Tibbs – rhythm section + Jesse Siebenberg (guitars, steel guitar, vocals) and Dave Palmer (keys). Immediately afterwards the main vocals were provided by Joe Williams, John Payne, Carl Sentance, and Richard Grisman (all: lead & backing vocals, adlibs).

At the same time in Sofia, an impressive band led by Ivo Stefanov (Milen’s right-hand man and musical co-producer of the album) did the rest. IMP IV features a symphonic orchestra with a horn section, conducted by Vlado Djambazov, and Sofia Gospel Choir, conducted by Geri Balevska, and soloist – Steven Archikor. Outstanding performances by Bisser Ivanov (guitars, mandolin), Bobby Kosatka and Lina Nikol (backing vocals, adlibs), and Ivo Zvezdomirov (bass) add an exotic splash of all-around expertise.

The band’s virtuosity blends impressively with the complexity of the musical arrangements, including unforgettable symphonic expansions. By matching classic rock’s energy with his lyrical patterns, rapt and diverse musical thematic development is the signature style that propels this next all-star project by Milen Vrabevski, author and producer of SORCERY INSIDE, Intelligent Music Project IV.

Stand out tracks:

Bursting out with the pilot single – track 1. “Yesterdays That Mattered” – a vivid rock hit, seamlessly blending the exceptional, illustrative singing of the Williams-Sentance duet with a tasteful instrumental. The best pilot single in years.

Then comes the second single “Every Morning”: a melodic, hard-rocking piece, propelled by majestic synths & guitar riffs plus Richie & John’s gently hitting vocals, backed by uncompromising guitar virtuosity. The best guitar solo of the album.

“Love” featuring Richie’s evocative timbre is a timeless rock ballad that will immediately make the charts. Also, as you might expect, there’s a magnificent ending, meaning that it pops up by surprise…

From the soul retriever “Life to Linger” sung by Richie & Carl, through Joe’s passionate “Viva” (an immense hit ready to climb even the dance charts), and the duet “Slipping Away” (John & Joe) to the key prog tracks “Looking for the Feeling” (featuring lead and backing vocals by Joseph Williams and Carl Sentance), and “No One Falls Behind” – Intelligent Music Project IV demonstrates its producer’s determination to make a solid addition to the best AOR classics of all time.

Simon Phillips: “It’s really exciting to do a third project with Milen” (Simon did not take part in the first album only – IMP I). “In this new project Sorcery Inside, musically the composition has developed since the first record… and I am inspired by this progress. I take being an integral part of IMP very seriously, I made some changes to the arrangements, summoned top-notch musicians to take part in the sessions, I am actually the musical co-producer…”

Joseph Williams: “I am ready to always join any IMP project. That’s what I told Milen – just call me. It’s wonderful to explore music with Milen. The project has a great message, accompanied by some beautiful music and some great rock ‘n’ roll – the musicians in this project are top notch.” 

Carl Sentance: “There is a lot of musical complexity and a sense of depth in Milen’s songs. They are not ordinary. They are very beautiful… and the way these songs are composed is very, very good.”

John Payne: “It’s an incredible opportunity to work with such great people. Wonderful songs… You’ve got world-class players. And working with Milen is always a good time. It is a great record.”

Milen Vrabevski: “To me, this is our fourth best-seller: I am enormously fortunate to be the creator and producer of the whole project. It is an album dedicated to the searching mind, trying to discover how to produce magic in life. I am so proud of this all-star band – IMP IV. It’s a great motivation and challenge to keep rocking…”

Previous albums by the same artist featuring Simon Phillips, Joseph Williams, John Payne, Nathan East, Carl Sentance & John Lawton are IMP I, II & III, respectively titled “The Power of Mind” “My Kind O’ Lovin’”, ‘’Touching the Divine’’

Lyrics and Producer’s Note

Yesterdays That Mattered

Vs 1/ Yesterdays that mattered you see marked upon my face

Nerves that I have shattered leaving their distinct trace

There’s no going back… Can you get the rain to fall? (There’s no going back)

And I’m happy though, you won’t believe it, anywhere I go!

Ch/ Gonna find what I most needed then

Gonna find what’s on my mind

And I see if I keep searching

There are always things to find.

Vs 2/ Sentiments’ no set up. What you’ve lived through is more than true.

Through excitement speed up your own truth – it’s beauty too

There’s no race to win, it’s more like boldness, a fairytale. (There’s no running fast)

It’s all magic, go! Don’t stop the feeling! There’s no way to fail…

MIDPART/ I can hear your wings, feels like you get to fly…

Sense the truth that it brings, and now take to the sky.

Author’s comment: Would it be worthwhile digging back in the past? Maybe, but just to recycle the energy wasted in senseless thoughts/actions. Re-evaluating the past gives you the chance not only to re-use the energy, but to formulate your own truth – the one resulting from your own feelings and experience. This is beauty.

Every Morning

Vs1 / Late in the night it may go through me
Late in the night would be right
And I am back in the light gloomy
A world of predictable sight

Br/ Gotta keep away from time
And I do it every morning
By erasing all the sadness of my mind.
And I do believe that’s life
All the memories I’m storing
Leave no trace of wasted moments or of strife

Ch/ Through calamities out-braving
I’m chasing what I dare define as right
And I’m happy celebrating
Victories I’m winning with my might.

Vs 2/ Late in the night I am back to me
Sensing it all by the sight
Things settling right in my mind to see
There’s no retreat in this fight

MID PART/ I won’t get no sleep, it’s a moment away
The time when I’ll be running wild
And since I’ve begun to believe in a way
The trust and faith of a child
Author’s comment: You get to know yourself better, and you’re on the way to success… Especially if you start dealing with your soul late at night ‘till early every next morning… Your soul reveals miracles to you, if you learn how to reach to your internal life-project pattern.

As If

Vs 1: What’s left to say? As if you’re gone…

I’d love to sing our love song, ‘till the dawn

As if I’d pray, and hide, withdrawn

But what is it you’re acting on?

Vs 2: Your point break was reached and thrown

To the extreme of can’t-move-on

Forevermore, I see, I’m sure

I sense the trail I’m longing for

Ch: And I say: it’s my day. This is how I feel

Every day makes a way through a life so real

Vs 3: If it turns out that I become

Just a spectator of what goes on

Although it’s me, inconstancy

Is no longer my reality

MIDPART: And if I hear you say it’s on the way, it’s thrown

You instantly believe it’s getting off the ground

So maybe I should see what we receive

Can easily be found

Author’s comment: We do not take life that seriously, we try to witness it with blessing and care. Then we focus on what works best and make all efforts make it happen.

No One Falls Behind

Intro: Love comes shining wherever you go

1/ We run together no one falls behind

We keep on shining in the stream of mind

Br/ Dm Am G C … G C E

And the winner grows from a base that shows

Self-possession through the heat and walls

2/ We run together we can’t fall behind

Another tempting thesis of my mind

Br/ And you share the score, what I would explore

And the final call comes for us all.

Am Em C-Em-Am… Am G Fmaj7

Ch/ So I went through suffering, and what I truly did was real

Making sure to balance every deal.

Often I went shivering, but sense would always reappear

I provide a core to make it clear.

Mid Part/ Em Am   C Cmaj7 Em Fmaj7

Love comes shining wherever you go, love comes shining on me

Through the years of conventional roles, radiate what you feel… is real.

Author’s comment: You’re an integral part of the societal growth. Its development is so much bound to your life perception that you should not waste energy to stay off the mainstream.


1/ Viva, searching all my life

Viva, what it means and finally what it’s all about

Viva, I think I’m on the right side.

I can make it, I can take it, anyone can see!

2/ Viva, I used to do it right.

Viva, and I find out, stepping up reveals the light.

We are as good as we can be.

Something drives me, I can feel it, anyone can see.


Get the thrill of/feeling fine/ it is real/turn it on/

And you’re filled up/ and you run/rushing to it/ or it’s gone.

It’s the real thing/ you’ve done/

Don’t give up, you’re not alone/ Keep on ‘till the night is over…

MIDPART: All my dreams are streaming down in light

And right now I’m taken by that sight,

I could be the one, leading you as night is calling

All our fears are gone, running through the time that’s rolling in.

Author’s comment: Catch all your moments of inspiration, and let your soul guide you through. This is the passion that takes you to spiritual satisfaciton.

Looking For The Feeling

1/ Collecting sunshine right from the mirror,

And through the midst of time what to find?

So tying up the rhyme I go with her

Do I need to make up my mind…?

2/ Expected life’s surprise tests your spirit,

And throws the safety line to your side (onto your side)

So turning back in time means you fear it?

You end up pale without sayin’ goodbye (not saying goodbye)

Br/ Free calling it, free calling it freedom,

It’s time to take life in your hands (a guiding light, doing right, feels alright)

Steep rolling hills, life as it seems – feel them,

Pits, swamps and all floating sands

Ch/ Looking for the feeling, looking for the goal

Will there be a second reading, what would be the score?

Mid Part/ And you sing the song I know.

Through nuances of the rainbow

They would say the rain must fall,

You walk on by the open window…

3/ In through the end of time see your mirror.

Reflecting life intensely refined…

Author’s comment: Things do change, but help is so near…,

provided life goes on in your mind.

Night’s Calling

Vs 1/ That day I just meant to stay, I wish I was stalling.

Then I was meaning to speak from within

Getting much brighter, ‘though darkness was falling

Brightening reason that would set me free

Vs 2/ The time would have scrolled about rising and falling

Missing the plain truth, so you never win

Easy fame, prejudice, morons, stonewalling…

Would I keep falling down? Where to begin?

Ch/ Night‘s calling, the world’s trolling. It’s you outside.

Life’s rolling, you’re still willing to fight!

MIDPART/ You can save me now, for one good reason.

What’s the fuss about? It’s not the season.

What if I am out? Still I’m just falling in…

Interlude/ I guess time would scroll about rising and falling

Missing the plain truth so you never win…


Author’s comment: The thing is it’s never too late to escape from the wrong team. Believing in your own capacity to be useful brings you back in resonance frequency with the progressing world. Don’t get upset for not being able to always understand people’s logic. The real truth is deep within you.

Slipping Away

Vs 1: I’ve been looking for that fever
And keep looking for that sight
Discovering the same old feeling
Ready for the fight

Br: Anyway, anyhow, you can find the wisemen’s wrinkles
Through the years, turn around, living through this energy for you

Ch: Slipping away isn’t my own way
Logical terms won’t be true
And I’m raising my head through the darkness –
The awareness in all that I do

Vs 2: You can call out in the morning
And you step inside the fire
There’s no doubt, no forewarning
Through the power of desire

MID PART: Cm Bb Ab Fm; Cm Bb Ab Fm G7

Saying ”I feel” would mean that I’ve been dreaming
Love is by my side
And then it’s real, it seems through boldness streaming
Comes inspiration, right!

Author’s comment: One can’t live in fear and lie. Erasing those two categories brings back the efficiency. So we do not look back with anger, just recycle the energy wasted in frustration and stress. We are grateful we’re active in our presence… And we never fear our future.


Vs1/ And I’m looking up to find out again

What’s the vision through the prism of the pain?

Br/ Calling the light

Humbleness runs over

Raining tears would make no change

It makes a of fool of me

Calling the bright side

That I see…

Ch/ Go inside, occupy your mind. It’s the real you.

Would you try? What you find inside? Would it do?

Rhythms from inside, soul craving, right. Same for me, too

It’s the core of life, the consoling strife that I knew.

Vs2/ What I smile at is the time passing by

Being aware of my thoughts and feelings –

A talent that I’d try

Br/ ….

MIDPART/ Trying to soothe my mind

I get no clue of what to find

And see no axis to go round.

Is it not clear?

Author’s comment: Ignoring the pain is an art. Moreover, very often we’re running out of humbleness, facing injustice… But if this world was equitable as per our expectations, would it survive? So we don’t judge, just try to be helpful, listening to our inside rhythms. And we just smile at the time passing by…


Vs: 1/ Now I know it can’t be granted/

Now I know it takes so long/

If I say I am too frightened/

Would it make this threshold low?

Br: Something stands by your side your own life now/ Any day./

It takes you out of nowhere/ brings the sunshine of today./

Ch: There’s no retreat, we’re just advancing elsewhere/

We’re never ever gonna give it up/

In thoughts we share/ those simple questions/

Providing choice and care you get / the easiest rhythm yet/

In thoughts we share/ what normally happens/

Is living through what we would love to do…

2/ Your own mind/ creates the magic

Far beyond a fairy-tale.

And you find/ the laws of science,

The principles of logic fail.

Br: Your own dome of stardom/ Higher consciousness would weigh…

Preventing you from falling/ and it’s just a thought away.


MIDPART It is like the flowing water./ Your intention is the motor/ of a greater leap /

Thinking how we’re tightly bound/ just like one/ on higher ground/ harmony we’ll reap…






Author’s comment: We never give up our soul craving, in spite of the obstacles. Aiming to leave a trail does not make your life easy, but meaningful. What’s left is to get the good intension and dedication to it.

Life Lingers

Vs 1: I’m by the seaside, to see you all

That’s what I feel like, I keep on holding on.

And there’s no difference, it feels the same…

I’d never leave you, so I’m back again.

Vs 2: So I just got back to see you all

And after so long, you’re close enough to hold…

So there we sat back, to waste some time

Yeah, you’re deep inside this soul of mine

Ch: Here I expect life to linger

Through this moment time lives on

Yes, it can slip through my fingers

But it won’t really be gone…

Vs 3: Within this magic of mind and soul

We find our own truth, we’re living through it all

It’s time for passion, unshaken faith

Self-realization is no haunting wraith.

MIDPART: Living far away, I am longing to stay

‘Though it’s a long gone time, I still do pray

Being away, I don’t know what to say

When a tear rolls down to catch sun rays

Author’s comment: Indeed, I love those guys. I grew up with them. They formed my mentality. My ex-classmates – my pride and fantastic memories.


1/ Time stands still aware I’m just playing fair

Life’s been listing lessons learned so long I’ve found.

Still I wouldn’t care to stream my power there

It appears I am the one who shouts out loud…

Ch/ A little bit of love, I’m only dreaming,

A little bit of love, but I may learn to fly.

Interpreting in words my feelings,

The joy of life comes by and by.

2/ You and I were there, maybe unaware

We must find solutions for what we despise.

You and I would dare to pretend we care

A better chance for scaling up what’s in our eyes?


MIDPART: Day and night, one might be reeling

Where to turn so not to fail

Lonely roads do have a meaning

They guarantee you leave a trail. So go! I say…

Author’s comment: We do not focus on pity and frustration from the past. We feel no fear about the future. We try to be efficient at present with the thought we were born with a mission, and have to be useful to the world. And whatever we do we know love is the answer…